The Grand Canyon: Home for the Summer

Well it’s official, I am an employee at Grand Canyon National Park! After a hell of a trip with dad, more about that to come under the trips section, and a little solo adventure after he left, I got to the park yesterday afternoon. There were no vacancies in any campgrounds inside the park, but I was able to find a sport just outside of Tusayan, the little town that is 10 minutes south of the rim. Last night I went to check out the annual solar eclipse from a position right on the rim. It was pretty neat, but I must admit the sunset afterwards was what really caught my attention. This morning, right at 8AM when the doors opened, I checked in to the human resources building; i just couldn’t wait. After a drug test, a picture, and lots of paperwork, I was assigned my rooming arrangement. Turns out I was put in a 3-person cabin near Maswik Lodge on the East side of the park. My roommates are O’Neil, a Jamaican from Kingston, and Eder, a Peruvian. I moved my junk in and then headed back for some more paperwork. My schedule for the week is surprisingly open: orientation isn’t until Thursday and job training starts on Friday. I guess this means I have the next two days to explore my new backyard! I can’t wait to get reacquainted with one of America’s greatest natural wonders and I’m excited to start my new job as well. It should be interesting to say the least.

Grand Canyon Cabin

The summer of 2012 has officially kicked off with a bang!!!

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