Monsoon Flood

In Wisconsin, a couple inches of rain is a normal storm. Down here in Arizona…

it’s CHAOS!

Last night we received a significant downfall of precipitation thanks to Hurricane Norbert who was preceding up the Baja coast of California. In place of the dry desert, I woke up this morning to a world full of water! Streets were closed and roads were flooded over. The bike path I normally take to work was underwater and the drainage next to it converted into a raging torrent of a river.
Arizona Monsoon Flooding

Hayden Road under water

Being the end of the Monsoon season here, we have received our fair share of storms; most of which end up bringing nothing more than lightning and dust. This one was different though. A total of 4-5 inches submerged the valley in water, a place where sewage drains are few and far between. Many roads cross gulches that are bone dry 364 days of the year, but today they were dangerous rapids. News coverage has been non-stop, showing the I-10 freeway that is under 4 feet of water and looks very similar to Tempe Town Lake. It’s been an interesting experience to say the least.

Glad I didn’t have to try and get to work this morning!

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