My Perfect Day in the Canyon

Hot sun, cold water, a seat with a back rest, the roar of rapids, and a sandwich… this is the life. While dozing in and out of sleep on my perch above another menacing set of rapids (Hance Rapids), I realized that if I were to label a perfect day at the canyon, this would pretty much be it.

New Hance Trail Head

So here it goes, my envisioned “Perfect” Day:

1.) Wake up early, put some clothes on, grab my pack, and run out the door
2.) Pick a trail- any will really do- but preferably one that is long, challenging, away from the masses, and leads down to the Colorado River
3.) Set out on said trail
4.) Work up a sweat hiking, while also periodically scouring the landscape/cliffsides for any and all wildlife
5.) Reach the river and dive in
6.) Piss at least twice directly into the Colorado (as advised by the park rangers)
7.) Mosey bout the riverbank, alternating between reading, writing, thinking, and swimming
8.) Eat lunch in any shade you can find, falling asleep with sandwich in hand
9.) Wake up, finish the sandwich, and hike out jamming to John Mayer, JJ Grey, Jack Johnson, and others
10.) Take a nice steamy dump somewhere off trail and bury it in a cathole- its just so satisfying!
11.) Reach the rim, take a moment to celebrate, then head home
12.) Eat a nice big dinner followed by everything else in sight
13.) Plan your next adventure while sipping on a cold one
14.) Fall asleep dreaming about your next day off!!!

New Hance Trail

Written by Jake G

I'm a 26 year old who loves to hike, bike, backpack, and explore the outdoors. I'm a Midwesterner who currently resides in sunny Arizona. I hope to inspire others with my adventures and maybe give some advice for your future vacations. Follow me as I travel around the country and...
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