Voyage of the Glaciers- A First Time Alaska Cruise

I never thought I would find myself on an Alaska cruise. Something about being stuck on a gigantic ship with thousands of other people never appealed to me. Who wants to travel like that? Well, after starting my job as a travel agent with AAA I quickly learned the cruise industry is a big deal…. Read more »

48 Hours in Vancouver

Vancouver is an incredible city. Glassy, modern skyscrapers dominate its dense downtown, yet the many distinct neighborhoods retain their charm. Surrounded by water, you are never too far away from a salty breeze or a nice stretch of beach. Vancouver also boasts the largest urban park in North America, giving it a wonderful outdoorsy feel…. Read more »

Kayaking in Kenai Fjords National Park

A drizzling light rain causes ripples in this otherwise calm bay, as droplets cascade from the sky. Icebergs the size of cars float past as we pick our way through a minefield of broken ice. A curious harbor seal emerges just feet away, exhaling a hot, heavy breath we can almost feel. Just ahead, a… Read more »

The Perfect Week in Oregon

Leaving the redwoods and the coastal fog of California behind, we headed north into the great state of Oregon. One of the most geographically diverse states in the country, Oregon boasts Pacific coastline, volcanoes, large lakes, dense forests, and high deserts as well as some great cities. Any visitor will find it easy to fill… Read more »

Sonoma County and Redwoods National Park

As much as we loved San Francisco, our wallets couldn’t handle any longer so we headed north out to the countryside. Muir Woods National Monument provided a great place to stretch our legs and walk some trails underneath the massive giants that call this part of California home. Just as nice was a visit to Point Reyes… Read more »

8 Unique San Francisco Experiences

After the John Muir Trail, we spent a day kayaking in Mammoth and that night literally chasing a bear off the hood of my car! Here’s the picture to prove it: Then we headed over to the great City by the Bay. We spent four days running up and down the steep hills of San… Read more »

Injured on The John Muir Trail

The John Muir Trail is a premier hiking trail that attracts thousands of hikers each year. Running 216 miles through the pristine Sierra Nevada Mountains, it begins in Yosemite Valley and ends at Mt. Whitney. This was our attempt at completing the trail.

The California Coast

From San Diego to Los Angeles to Big Sur, the California Coast is a magical place. We visited friends in the two big cities of Southern California before roadtripping up the Pacific Coast Highway.

Below the Rim of the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is my favorite place on Earth. This was yet another journey into the heart of the Canyon. Beginning at Hermit’s Rest, Glenna and I descended below the rim to the Tonto Trail. We hiked the little traveled trail before ascending out of the canyon once again on the Bright Angel Trail.

The Narrows Top Down

The Narrows are world famous and for good reason. Sandstone walls tower up to 1,300 feet above, while the river below narrows to less than 30 feet. Hiking from Chamberlain’s Ranch to the entrance to Zion Valley, we complete the full 17 miles Top-Down.

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    A Taste of Tuscany: Florence In a Flash

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    The Leaning Tower of Pisa We continued down the coast of Italy, catching the early morning train to Pisa. I must admit, we only had one goal with our short stop: see the leaning tower. We followed the swarm of camera-toting, flippy-flopping tourists to the town’s main attraction located in a large piazza. A poorly laid… Read more »

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    Capital of the Catalans

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    Torro Torro: Bulls, Tapas, & Sangria in Madrid

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    It was a long day out to Spain. The train from Paris left at around 2 and even on the high-speed it was a 6 hour journey to Barcelona. Luckily for me, about halfway through a group of Germans came on board and sat in the seats next to me. We talked and laughed and they… Read more »

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    A Parisian Affair

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    The ride across the English Channel was uneventful. As the train reaches speeds of up to 190 miles/hr, you could miss the entire Chunnel portion with just a short nap. The Chunnel is the longest of its kind in the world, and rides under the sea for 23.5 miles. In places, it is actually 250… Read more »

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    Showtime in London

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    A 5 hour train ride brought me to the epicenter of the United Kingdom: London. Compared to Edinburgh and the cities of Ireland, London was massive. It was honestly a bit overwhelming at first. There were people everywhere! From Euston train station, it was a 3 mile walk down to my hostel on the south bank of the Thames. En route, I passed many iconic landmarks including Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abbey, and Big Ben.

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    Edinburgh: King of Scotland

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    The history of Edinburgh is long and bloody. At its very early stages in the 7th century, it was a hill fort called Din Eidyn (Din means Fort). By the 12th century, the enormous castle for which it is known was constructed and it has been the capital since at least the 15th. Similar to Ireland and Wales, there have been many battles and switching of power between Scotland and England.

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    Crack on The Emerald Isle

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    Conas atá tú! That’s Irish for, “how’s the crack?” And no I’m not referring to your backside, or the white stuff. I’m talking about craic. For the Irish, craic refers to the fun, enjoyment, conversation, and general atmosphere of a place.

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    Driving Across The Colorado Plateau

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    Before I head to Europe, I decided to make the drive home where I could leave my car and visit with friends and family before the next big adventure. Instead of banging the 2,000+ miles out as quick as possible, I chose to take an extended jaunt across Southern Colorado. I wouldn’t be alone, as… Read more »

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    Sloshing Through Buckskin Gulch

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    A slot canyon is simply defined as a canyon which is deeper than it is wide. They are narrow “slots” in the Earth where water has eroded rock into unique twisting channels […]